Future of the polish-made cars has arrived in Kutno

FSO Syrena

Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych SYRENA S.A. in Kutno has been established to create and begin short line car production, which design is a reference to the iconic Polish brands: Syrena, Polonez, Nysa, Mikrus, Warszawa.

Our goal is to make the dream about construction and development of Polish city cars brand, that derives from the homegrown automotive history and is based on leading technical solutions, come true.

Currently our company works on a mid-class prototype, which design refers to the most prominent and treated with huge sentiment Syrena car. Ultimately our plan is to build a factory as well, in order for subsequent car models to follow the production line.



We kindly inform that the Consortium composed of Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych Syrena w Kutnie Spolka Akcyjna and mPower Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia and Ekoenergetyka-Polska Spolka Akcyjna realizes on behalf of the National Centre for Research and Development a pre-commercial project titled "e-Van – Universal Delivery Vehicle with electric drive category N1".

The project entitled "Design, construction and examination of a universal hydrogen vehicle characterized by high primary energy efficiency and innovative on-board systems" carried out by the Consortium assumes the creation of an innovative and unrivalled delivery vehicle using a hydrogen fuel cell as a source of electric energy.

Basic parameters:
  • Weight: up to 3.5T,
  • Load: 1,000.0 kg,
  • Range: 450 km.

The dedicated recipients of the project are the companies from the logistics and courier industries, as well as those providing services such as roadside assistance.

Stage I of the above venture has been completed (26.01.2021) which resulted in the concept of the vehicle in question.

We kindly ask all entities interested in the above solution to submit bids for granting by the Consortium a non-exclusive and paid license to use the results of R&D Work and the objects of Background IP.

The above notice shall be valid for a period of not less than 10 years from the completion of Stage I.

FSO's new headquarters under construction


It finally happened. After almost two years since the beginning of an ambitious project of creating a passenger vehicle, which with its bodywork refers to the iconic polish automotive brands, we have faced the necessity of the expansion of our current headquarters. It is here where the subsequent Vosco S106 vehicles are going to be created.

New/Old place... Same passion

Production of the vehicles is not an easy task. Obtaining the certificate of approval for small volume production, as well as continuous R&D of Vosco S106 vehicles in both petrol and electric versions, require a suitably organized and large workspace.
When the expansion is done, the building's production area will almost double. In addition, there will be a new storage space and a new design office. The planned commissioning of the building will take place in the second half of this year.

Incentive Schemes


Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych „Syrena” w Kutnie S.A. has been given 4,6 mln PLN subsidy granted by the National Centre for Research and Development. FSO „Syrena” intends to use the acquired donation to develop new passenger car with an electric propulsion.

Subsidy for FSO „Syrena” granted by the National Centre for Research and Development was given within the framework of the sector programme INNOMOTO (contest 6/1.2/2016/POIR), financed with the funds from the 1.2 Action „Sector programmes B+R” of the Operational Programme Innovative Development 2014-2020.

At present the Company continues to work on the class B concept car model in a hatchback version with petrol engine. Currently the first series of cars is being tested, mostly in the matter of the homologation researches. The manufactured car is going to be based on hybrid superstructure which is the result of the company homegrown R&D. The mentioned concept and car manufacturing are going to be the next pillar of introduced by FSO „Syrena” architectural innovation.

Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych „Syrena” S.A. is a company, that was brought to life with the purpose of preparing a bodywork design referring to the iconic polish passenger car brands and finally launching small volume production. Drawing the experience from national automotive history the Company, at the same time, is introducing its own design propositions relying on modern technical solutions.


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